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Advisory on IRS scam

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Dear Resident of CSA #28,

Welcome and thank you again for signing up for email communications relevant to you and your neighborhood. Spread the word about this email communication service by forwarding this to your neighbors in case they have not yet had the chance to sign up!

As I mentioned in my prior advisories there are Internal Revenue Service (IRS) phone scams actively taking place stating the following:
you owe taxes,
a warrant is issued for your arrest
or the police will be arriving at your residence.
I would just like to inform everyone that these calls are still coming in to various neighborhoods. If you do receive one of these calls, do not call back or give any personal information. Ignore the message or just hang up The following numbers have been recently used
202-459-1993 ( Wash DC suburb apartment complex)
530-721-8098 (apartment building in South Tahoe Calf.)
876-881-3903 (Jamaica)
Remember the IRS does not phone, send emails (text messages) for notification. They will send you an official letter.

Also another note of concern; recently this department was investigating an unknown male last week on Colonial Av going door to door pretending to be a representative from the IRS, trying obtain personal information. If anyone is a victim of this type of scam or has/had contact with this individual please notify the police immediately.

If anyone has any questions/concerns feel free to respond to this email.

Officer James Brooks
Albany Police Department CSU
536 Western Ave
Albany NY 12203
office 518-458-5669
station desk 518-458-5660
fax 518-458-5662
cell 518-795-0020

Non-Emergency 438-4000

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