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Pedestrian Safety

The Stop signs are In!

The Buckingham Pond Conservancy advocated and the City of Albany responded by installing STOP signs at Colonial Ave. at the playground.
I am sure everyone is aware of how precarious it was to walk children (and adults) to the playground. Now, traffic will have to come to a complete stop in all directions, giving piece of mind to everyone who uses park facilities. I am sure that parents of little children are breathing a sigh of relief.
We especially want to thank Bill Trudeau, Traffic Coordinator for "making this happen".

The Sidewalk is Coming

Back in March, we learned that the City had requested State funds to enhance the sidewalks on Euclid Ave on the South (New Scotland) side of the pond. I've now learned that the State has funded that request! The City has completed a design for the project and put it out to bid. Bill LeCuyer in the City's engineering office provided the design so I could send it out to the Buckingham Pond Conservancy.

Good News from the City

Joe Igoe (Ward 14 Councilman) has provided the following good news about City efforts on behalf of the pond. Many thanks to Joe, and the City for these efforts.

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