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Pond Path Improvements Underway

The City of Albany Department of General Services is making some much needed improvements to the path on the South (New Scotland) side of the pond this fall. This section of the path is very low, and has been in mild disrepair for years, with rail road ties and wooden supports falling in to the pond, and occasional flooding significant enough to make the path impassable. Getting this issue corrected has been on our high priority list, so we're thrilled that DGS is able to get to that this year. They are widening and elevating this section, which should alleviate the problems with flooding. Sadly we will lose some vegetation in this area due to the construction, but it should soon grow back Edited 1/21/2012: Note that while the work is paused for the winter there is still more to be done and we've heard from DGS that they will be out working on our path again when the weather breaks.