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Buckingham Conservancy Update - Summer 2009

Since our last report, the Buckingham Conservancy Steering Committee has been very busy gathering information, meeting with City officials, and formulating plans for the Conservancy’s governance and mission statement. While this may not seem to be a whole lot, the process has been slowed a bit by the fact that not one but several City departments and agencies are responsible for the various aspects of Buckingham Pond’s management, health, and daily life. A draft mission statement and by-laws have been prepared and will be reviewed and hopefully finalized at the committee’s next meeting at the end of July. Once these are final we plan to bring them to the general membership for approval and formal election of officers this Fall once people are back from their summer vacations. Most recently Paula Martinez, a member of the steering committee, planted flowers supplied by the City Gardener in the containers along the path. Thanks Paula!

Meeting with DGS On June 8th, members of the steering committee met with Dan DiLillo, Asst. Commissioner of DGS and Tom Kelley, DGS. The meeting agenda involved specific topics surrounding the history and background of Buckingham Pond. Managing Algae Control/Copper sulfate/Sonar Application, testing and ensuring water quality, installing and maintaining fountains, installing and maintaining fences, stocking fish, maintaining the siltation basin, enhancing and protecting wildlife, adding new trees and other plantings, addressing erosion of the path, pond banks, parking lot, modifying traffic patterns, adding sidewalks, modifying traffic signage, maintaining and enhancing the playground, maintaining the pond and park in the winter - especially for skating, emptying trash cans, enforcing pooper scooper laws, and removing graffiti/addressing vandalism. If that sounds like a lot it is. Unfortunately, as a reinforcement of an earlier statement made in this update, not all of these items could be addressed by either Dan or Tom. However, these gentlemen were totally committed and extremely helpful in answering many of our concerns. They have already acted on items within their departments. For example, you may have noticed an attempt to reduce erosion at the parking lot by installing a new drain, and improvements to the path at the foot of Euclid coming down from New Scotland.

Meeting with the Water Department The most recent Steering Committee meeting was held July 13, 2009. John Kosa, Assistant Water Commissioner, Dan Hershberg, Consulting Engineer and Justin Schievelbein, responsible for Municipal Separate Stormwater Sewer Systems were in attendance to answer questions about the Water Department’s role in maintaining the pond. The committee was treated to a very informative presentation by Dan Hershberg, Consulting Engineer for the City of Albany. Many previous and ongoing questions were addressed by Dan, John, and Justin at this meeting. The presentation can be accessed at and includes interesting historical maps and photos of the pond. (It's a large file so it will take a minute to open or download.) In summary, Dan Hershberg reported that Buckingham Lake provides storage for storm water management. Buckingham Lake is a naturally shallow man-made water body, and the Lake was last dredged in 1977-78. In order to reduce sewer backups in several neighborhoods in Albany, the Water Department created the “Stilling Pond” west of the main pond in 1993/1994. Water from the “Stilling Pond” is pumped out of the basin to a drain along I85 and eventually into the Krumkill. The main pond itself no longer drains out through the city’s sewer system as the sewer connection on the East end now only allows water out of the pond in extreme flood situations. The water collected in the “Stilling Pond” at the West side of the pond (street runoff and storm sewer water) can and does flow into the Pond when the I85 route is over capacity. This adds to the “algae bloom” and other consequences resulting from poor water quality in the Pond.

Next Steps In addition to the critical organizational work (mission statement, bylaws, officers etc.), the Steering Committee plans to focus efforts on the water quality and ecology of Buckingham Pond. This issue is impacted by many of the actions taken as a result of the Storm Management Plan, specifically the Berkshire Boulevard Separation project conducted 1993-1995. The steering committee has asked the Water Dept. representatives to assist us in gathering or implementing a testing system to measure the water quality at the pond periodically. We are also seeking expert advice on the subject of water quality and how to manage it in light of the details surrounding the sewer separation project. If you are, or know, an expert on pond ecology who might be helpful to this effort, please have them get in touch with us as At the same time, we now know that there are no less than six city and State departments that we will need to stay in close contact with in order to achieve the many goals of the original meeting held in January.

We will attempt to keep everyone updated through the website when there is something to report. One of the roles of the BPC will certainly be to share information and ideas between neighbors and city Departments. So please feel free to make suggestions either on the website or email The Steering Committee will be meeting again at the end of July in order to stay focused on all of these issues. [Remarks prepared by Harry Ermides & Anne Savage]

The Sidewalk is Coming

Back in March, we learned that the City had requested State funds to enhance the sidewalks on Euclid Ave on the South (New Scotland) side of the pond. I've now learned that the State has funded that request! The City has completed a design for the project and put it out to bid. Bill LeCuyer in the City's engineering office provided the design so I could send it out to the Buckingham Pond Conservancy. Click here to see the design. As you can see, the sidewalk will be extended along the east side of Euclid down to Berkshire and continue around the corner. There will be a striped crosswalk across Berkshire to the existing opening to the path. As part of the project, the City will narrow the intersection slightly, making a tighter turn from Euclid on to Berkshire. I understand that Bill has spoken to the people who own the properties where the new sidewalk will go, and has made some adjustments to the design to ensure that a large tree would not be impacted. It seems to me that this will be safer for everyone - drivers, cyclists and pedestrians! I do think it would be helpful to have some "yield to pedestrian in crosswalk" signs. Bill has forwarded that request to the City's Traffic Engineering department, and I'll be following up with them. This work has been put out to bid, with bids expected back on June 6 and work to be done this summer. Please comment to let us know what you think. - Anne

Successful Cleanup Day

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We were a Clean Machine on Saturday, April 18, as over 50 neighbors came together to de-trash the Buckingham Pond area. The Buckingham Pond Conservancy wishes to thank each and every helper -- from toddlers to retirees -- everyone pitched in. We hope to have a fall event, this time on a Sunday, which will include a quick cleanup and a celebration. Let's keep the momentum going -- every time you visit the pond, try and take one item of trash away. Thanks again to everyone who helped.

Pond Pickup Saturday April 18th

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Pond Pickup Day Poster.  Saturday April 19th 9:30 - 11:30 am (rain or shine).  Contact The City will provide tools, bags and some gloves, so you don't need to bring anything except yourself. If you have your own gloves, you might want to bring those. Other things that would be helpful: a stick with nail at the end for picking up papers, fishing net, wading boots. Any questions? Contact Many thanks to Eileen Gerrish and Paula Martinez for arranging this. See you there! - Anne

Good News from the City

Joe Igoe (Ward 14 Councilman) has provided the following good news about City efforts on behalf of the pond. Many thanks to Joe, and the City for these efforts.

  • Jack is back. Contrary to rumors you may have heard, Jack will be working at Buckingham Pond Park this summer! This is great news and should ensure that our beloved park is well tended all summer long. If you see him in the neighborhood, please let Jack know how happy we are to have him back.
  • Sidewalk improvements. The City has submitted a grant proposal to New York State for funds to continue the sidewalk on Euclid avenue on the south (New Scotland Ave) side of the pond to Berkshire boulevard and add to a cross walk. This should make it a much safer crossing for everyone. Joe tells me that the City hopes to know whether this will be funded soon -- in time to do the work this season if it is funded. I'll keep you posted as I learn more.
  • Youth Employment. The City is still seeking youth (age 14 - 18) for its summer employment program. This program provides young people who help Jack keep our park in shape. The application is available here: and needs to be delivered to Bleecker Stadium on Saturday 3/28 from 9 to 1, or Monday 4/6, Tuesday 4/7 or Wednesday 4/8 from 4 to 7 pm.
  • Tree Program. The Shared-Cost Street Tree Program is coming up again. The City of Albany is now taking orders for street trees (while supplies last). More information is available here: The deadline for the spring planting is April 15th. Trees will be offered again in the fall. The deadline for fall planting orders is September 15th.

In other news, the Buckingham Pond Conservancy Steering Committee is still hard at work building a strong foundation for our organization. More news from the Steering Committee coming soon! - Anne Anne Savage

Next Meeting

Please join us at the next board meeting.  Board meetings are the best way to find out what we are doing and get more involved.
Next meeting:
Monday February 5, 2018 at 7:30 PM
(We generally meet the first Monday of each month)
Bach Branch of Albany Public Library
455 New Scotland Ave

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