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Duck Rescue!

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Here's a feel good story for the week ... Yesterday police officers got a call about a duck tangled in a fishing line at Buckingham Pond today. The back of the duck's wing was tangled in a line that was stuck high in a tree. Officers Dan Kuhn and Greg McGee and two employees of True Green worked together and with sticks and poles, managed to get the duck free! She seems to be OK, we saw her flap her wings a few times before leaving the pond.

Goose Killer?

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Buckingham Pond often struggles with too many geese - their droppings create a mess along the path and grass, and they contribute to water quality problems because they add too much fertilizer to the water and encourage too much plant growth.  This is why we ask everyone to please, please not feed the geese and ducks.  Feeding them attracts more birds than the pond can support and exacerbates the problems.

Advisory on IRS scam

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Dear Resident of CSA #28,

Welcome and thank you again for signing up for email communications relevant to you and your neighborhood. Spread the word about this email communication service by forwarding this to your neighbors in case they have not yet had the chance to sign up!

As I mentioned in my prior advisories there are Internal Revenue Service (IRS) phone scams actively taking place stating the following:
you owe taxes,
a warrant is issued for your arrest
or the police will be arriving at your residence.

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