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Water Level

Don't Be Surprised by Low Water Levels

Don't be surprised if you notice low water levels in the pond. This is actually good news! The water department is doing some shore-line stabilization and needed to lower the water level by about 6". This is a temporary change ...water levels will soon return to normal.

This work is funded by donations to BPC including a substantial anonymous donation. Thanks to all of our donors, and special thanks to you Anonymous! Another great example of BPC and the City working together for improvements at the Pond.

Where did all the water go?

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Well the pond's not quite as dry as the moon, but it is pretty dry! File this one under the category of "Mistakes Happen". The water department was testing the pump at the west end of the pond. They turned it to "on" as part of the test and and forgot to turn it back to "automatic". The net result is what you see when you walk around the pond right now - missing water!


If you've tried to walk the South (New Scotland) side of the path recently, you'll have noticed that it's been underwater for much of the last few weeks. These pictures were taken on Thursday 6/16/2011.

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