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Commemorative Bricks make great year end gifts!

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Looking for the perfect thank you or year end gift for someone who loves the pond?  How about a commemorative brick?  You can even get a nice certificate to share with the recipient.   Bricks are available at $50 (4" x 8") or $100 (8" x 8").  Bricks will be installed along the path near the playground in the Spring, so now is a perfect time to finally sign up for that brick you've been meaning to get for yourself or a friend.    Funds raised from brick sales support the work of the Conservancy.  Order a brick here and pay online or by mail.

Looking for Social Media Volunteer

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Do you have some basic communication/social media/web skills?   Do you have a few hours a month to help BPC? 
If so, please reach out to us at

We are searching for someone who can plan and implement our electronic communication strategy (web, facebook, twitter, and email). 
The person would ideally be able to join us at monthly board meetings (normally first Monday of the month at 7:30), but most of the work can be done any time, so this is a great volunteer opportunity for people with busy schedules.

Playground Ribbon Cutting Update

The new playground has been a huge success so far. Lots of kids are out enjoying it every day!
Thank you once again to the City of Albany - especially the Department of General Services, the Recreation Department and the Mayor's office, and to our major donors: the Lobo Family in memory of Angelo & Victoria Lobo, Stonehenge Gardens, Dolores Hamilton, the Bender Family Foundation, and the Wildflower Fund, as well as the many individual donors who purchased commemorative bricks or made donations.

This playground could not have happened without these private donations large and small. After being derailed by weather a few weeks ago, we are looking forward to celebrating with a formal ribbon cutting this Spring and will post the date as it gets closer.

We expect to replace the temporary sign with a more permanent one in time for the ribbon cutting.

Postponed! - Playground Ribbon Cutting - Friday 10 AM

We are concerned about little hands and feet so are postponing.  New date will be announced shortly.


Please join us to celebrate our new playground with a formal ribbon cutting this Friday 11/10/2017 at 10:00 am. Children are encouraged!   

This is the culmination of two years of fundraising, planning, and finally building, so we look forward to seeing many friends at this celebration.

Mayor Kathy Sheehan will be there to celebrate with us and help us acknowledge the hard work of the Department of General Services and the Recreation Department.  We'll also be thanking our major donors: the Lobo Family in memory of Angelo & Victoria Lobo,  Stonehenge Gardens,  Dolores Hamilton, the Bender Family Foundation, and the Wildflower Fund, as well as the many individual donors who purchased commemorative bricks or made donations.   This playground could not have happened without these private donations large and small.

You'll also have the opportunity to sing along with our neighbor Ruth Pelham to celebrate the spirit of welcome and inclusion that our new playground represents.  Ruth Pelham is a performer, educator, community builder, and the founder of Music Mobile that for forty years has brought love and learning to people of all ages. She is currently working on The Music Mobile Legacy Project to highlight the story of the Music Mobile and the generations of people it has touched.

Please dress warmly and bring spoons or other simple homemade instruments to play along with as part of the "Buckingham Pond Community Band." 

Playground is Open

The playground is playable!  Few last cosmetic things still need cleaning up, but the kids were having a great time this weekend.
We are planning an official ribbon cutting ceremony this Friday 11/10.  The time has not been finalized, and will be posted here as soon as it is.

Playground Progress

Photos from today.  Our playground is coming along.  The installers are almost done and we are moving quickly towards borders, surfacing and play!

Low water Level this weekend

The Water department let us know that they will be lowering the water level in the pond because a whole lotta rain is coming. They do this from time to time before big storms. Our special pond is a critical part of the municipal storm water system and helps keep water out of people's basements between the pond and the Hudson.

Be proud, your pond is making an important difference!

Thanks to the City of Albany Department of Water & Water Supply for letting us know.

Playground Update Tuesday 10/24

Work continued through the weekend.  The outlines are taking shape.   These pictures are from Monday 10/23

Shoreline Improvements Phase 1 Completed!

We are pleased to report that the Water Department has completed the Phase 1 shoreline stablization work this year.   This work will improve water quality at the pond by adding native species that filter water as it goes in to the pond, and reducing erosion.  The Conservancy raised $10,000 to contribute to this work.  The Water Department provided additional financial support, as well as the techical know-how and labor.  The need for this work was established in the Lake Management Plan that the Conservancy funded in 2015.  It is wondeful to see that plan yielding results, and to get such great support from the City to make it happen.

Here are the highlights of what was done:

  • New granite curbing on Berkshire Blvd on the southern side of the pond near Euclid Avenue.  That curbing will direct runoff into an existing catch basin.  This is hopefully going to address the repeated erosion problem we've had near the tree at that entrance to the pond.
  • Invasive species were removed from the embankment in two separate areas.  The shoreline was stabilized with "coir logs" and cattail plugs were planted into each log with a native buffer of plantings on the embankment behind the coir logs.  Species planted were blue flag iris, arrowhead, pickerelweed and sensitive fern.  This should increase the filtering of water as it enters the pond, reducing pollutants and particulates in the pond.  It also adds to the native plants needed to support our native birds and animals.
  • Japanese knotweed in a 40’ by 30’ area along Berkshire Boulevard was excavated.   This extremely invasive plant was in only one location at the pond.  We have many invasives throughout, but this one was still in a small enough area that we hope we can stop it before it spreads. 

    Clean soil and native plantings were placed on the embankment after removal of the knotweed and roots.  To protect the residual trees in the area, the depth of digging was likely not deep enough to remove all the knotweed rhizomes.  So we expect to see knotweed sprouts in the spring.  Please let us know if/when you see those Japanese knotweed shoots appear - the Water Department has promised to stay with this - it will be a multi‐year battle!

  • Soil was removed in the two areas that needed turf re‐establishment. The soil was removed and replaced by new topsoil, seeded, and a turf erosion control mat placed on top of the area.
  • The bioengineered shoreline stabilization with the native buffer will improve water quality and enhance habitats and aesthetics. The removal of invasive species improves habitats by removing risk of colonization and competition with beneficial native plants. Installing the reinforcement turf mats will decrease erosion and increase water quality, aesthetics, and bank stabilization.


Playground Update

The old playground has been removed.  New equipment will be delivered tomorrow 10/19.  It will take several weeks before it is built, installed and ready to go.  Many thanks to the City of Albany, especially the Department of General Services and the Recreation Department for their support.

We will keep posting pictures so you can see the progress.  But until then, sadly the "Children at Play" sign is a bit ironic!

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