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Get Involved!

Hello everyone!  

Buckingham Pond Conservancy is holding our annual Spring Clean-Up event this Sunday 4/17 from 1-3.  Please meet us at the playground in the park.  We’ll need volunteers to help with the following tasks:

  1. Garbage pick-up all over the park.
  2. Invasive plant removal – purple loose-strife, buck-thorn, Japanese Knotweed and Oriental Bittersweet, etc. are all species that need to be routinely removed.
  3. Replacing any BPC storm drain medallions that have been plowed off curbs and sidewalks around the pond.
  4. Removal of chain-saw debris on the New Scotland side of the path where the city forester cut down several very large trees.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to our Board of Directors who elected me to succeed Harry Ermides as President - and thank you Harry for your three years of service as President.  Please also welcome our new officers: Vice President Elisabeth Draper, Treasurer Anne Savage, and Secretary Mark Bechard.

We’re all eager to build on the success to date in formulating our Lake Management Plan. If you missed our annual meeting two weekends ago, we got a welcome boost from Water Commissioner Joe Coffey who is planning to implement several of the remediation strategies in the Lake Management Plan. That plan is accessible here:

Lastly, we’ve just adopted a new committee structure where each committee is chaired by a board member but open to any member of the Conservancy who’d like to get involved.  If you are interested in working with us, please let us know at

Those committees are as follows 

Playground committee / VP

Elisabeth Draper

Playground equipment + improvements  + neighborhood engagement on upgrades 

LMP committee

Harry Ermides

Implementation of Lake Management Plan, coordination of grant money and applications

Water quality committee

John Caplis

CSLAP testing, NYSFOLA membership/attendance, etc.

Finance committee / Treasurer

Anne Savage

Monthly + annual financial reporting, paying bills, collecting dues, 501-c3, and AG compliance

Events committee / Secretary

Mark Bechard

Existing/future events: skating party, Ice cream social, fall cocktail party, (+ others?),  silent auctions, event permits/promotion

Park committee

Grace Bennett

Park clean-up days, park maintenance issues, nature walks, tree markers/park signage, invasives, coordination w/ City Gardener, Cornell Co-op Extension, Summer Youth internships, coordination w/ Jack/Carl

Membership committee

Grace Bennett

Membership database, communications to members (email/mail), coordinate w/ Treasurer 

Bylaws committee

Marsha Penrose

Bylaws compliance 

Technology committee

Virginia Papandrea

Website and social media marketing

Thanks and look forward to seeing you Sunday afternoon!


Felton McLaughlin