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Lake Management Plan for Buckingham Pond

Developed in 2015, this plan is a key part of the BPC strategy to improve water quality.  
The plan was paid for by BPC, and developed by Barton & Loguidice engineers, with the assistance of the City of Albany's Water Department. Many thanks to the Hudson River Valley Greenway and the Bender Family Foundation, as well as to BPC's many members and friends for making this  plan possible.

The plan lays out a series of actions needed to improve water quality at the pond.  Attached below are the three technical documents which compose the plan.  Tech Memo 1 is a summary of the findings at the pond including an assessment of the biology & ecology, an assessment of the water quality, and an overview of existing reports and data, Tech Memo 2 is a technical document including a Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis and an assessment of the pump station in the stilling basin. Tech Memo 3 is the final document summarizing the recommended mitigation strategies including suggested phasing and estimated costs.

The map below gives you a look at some of what is needed.  We were so pleased that Commissioner Joe Coffey announced at our 4/3/2016 annual meeting that the Water Department will be making progress towards several of these items in the next year.  BPC will also be continuing to seek grant funding for implementing these important activities.