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The Sidewalk is Coming

Back in March, we learned that the City had requested State funds to enhance the sidewalks on Euclid Ave on the South (New Scotland) side of the pond. I've now learned that the State has funded that request! The City has completed a design for the project and put it out to bid. Bill LeCuyer in the City's engineering office provided the design so I could send it out to the Buckingham Pond Conservancy. Click here to see the design. As you can see, the sidewalk will be extended along the east side of Euclid down to Berkshire and continue around the corner. There will be a striped crosswalk across Berkshire to the existing opening to the path. As part of the project, the City will narrow the intersection slightly, making a tighter turn from Euclid on to Berkshire. I understand that Bill has spoken to the people who own the properties where the new sidewalk will go, and has made some adjustments to the design to ensure that a large tree would not be impacted. It seems to me that this will be safer for everyone - drivers, cyclists and pedestrians! I do think it would be helpful to have some "yield to pedestrian in crosswalk" signs. Bill has forwarded that request to the City's Traffic Engineering department, and I'll be following up with them. This work has been put out to bid, with bids expected back on June 6 and work to be done this summer. Please comment to let us know what you think. - Anne